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  • cavity mirror
    cavity mirror
    ICC provides standard x-galvanometer, y-galvanometer, and custom-made galvanometer. Products include forming blank, single-sided polishing, double-sided polishing, and coating. All products meet RoHS, reach, and MSDS requirements, and provide 10% test reports. ICC's silicon substrate material, with high purity of 8N, has good continuity and uniformity, stable polishing process, and high durability of coating laser, which can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, ICC's whole industrial chain coverage can ensure rapid delivery.
  • substrate
    It refers to uncoated optical elements, including window, lens and prism, which are applied to laser. The main feature is that consistency of material is better and stress is lower .At the same time, the surface treatment of the lens must be proper. It has strict requirements for the S&D, RMS, Flatness and lens eccentricity. The laser materials which ICC can process, including optical glass, synthetic crystals, and metal substrates. For example, BK7, sapphire, ZnSe, CaF2, MgF2, uvfs, Pyrex, etc. Elements can be flat, spherical, wedge, and prism Here are the special products of ICC 248NM, MGF2 Laser window D50*5, BK7 350NM Plano-convex lens 1064NM, UVFS, Laser window D35*6, 2940, sapphire window 10.6UM, GE, Lens D38.1*5 High precision silicon mirror 2.0um, CAF2, Platform lens
  • Scanner lens
    Scanner lens
    ICC has extensive experience in applying lenses to F-THETA, providing more than 3000 sets of lens sets each year. Covers wavelengths of 355/532/633/1064/2050 / 9.6um / 10.6um, etc. Materials can be BK7, quartz, calcium fluoride, sapphire, zinc selenide, ZK8 and other glass and crystal materials. ICC has metal CNC lathes, single-point diamond lathes, 3D imaging instruments, ZYGO interferometers, all-European eccentricity instruments, Shimadzu and Thermo Fisher spectrophotometers to ensure that all products shipped from the factory are supported by data and can guarantee the supply cycle of items .