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Scanner lens

Scanner lens

product description

ICC has extensive experience in applying lenses to F-THETA, providing more than 3000 sets of lens sets each year. Covers wavelengths of 355/532/633/1064/2050 / 9.6um / 10.6um, etc. Materials can be BK7, quartz, calcium fluoride, sapphire, zinc selenide, ZK8 and other glass and crystal materials. ICC has metal CNC lathes, single-point diamond lathes, 3D imaging instruments, ZYGO interferometers, all-European eccentricity instruments, Shimadzu and Thermo Fisher spectrophotometers to ensure that all products shipped from the factory are supported by data and can guarantee the supply cycle of items .

Applications :

Product Advantage :

  • Widely used in SWIR/MWIR/LWIR camera, supply SI/GE/ZESE/ZNS/Fluoride Lens

            Fluoride and silicon lens: self-long material, self-processing,self-coating,whole

            Chain cost performance

             Common Dimension Lens: D80-300mm

Product Parameters :

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