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UV.VIS. IR windows

UV.VIS. IR windows

product description

Intrinsic have very strong ability for the optical windows, we have three fabrication technique of pitch polishing, double side polishing and contact polishing to supply windows size from 1.2mm to 350mm with thickness from 0.12mm to 60mm, and the shape can be round, square, drilled, step, and customized based on our CNC machines. Usually we need CAD drawing to work with customized shape windows. ICC windows can reach high level precision like s/d 10-5; flatness 1/10l@633nm; parallelism less than 5min; bevel 0.1-0.25mm; Ra <1nm based on testing devices of ZyGO, AFM, 15sec gonimeter, and 2D imaging system. Here is our featured goods.

Applications :

Product Advantage :

ICC work with various of optical glassed material like bk7, b270, pyrex, borofloat, ultraviolet fused silica, and synthetic crystal like znse, zns, sapphire, kbr, caf2, baf2, mgf2, LiF etc. These material can be coated cover 121nm to 25.0um as mirror, filter, beam spillter, polarizer, and IR filters.
ICC best advantage windows material are silicon, germanium, caf2, baf2, mgf2, and liF. As we are the top.1 fluoride crystal supplier and the leading Si & Ge raw material blanks factory in the China. That’s meaning we can control every process in our factory to satisfy any critical requirement.
Our optical windows apply widely for laser protective windows, coating samples, infrared or ultraviolet source cap windows, PIR sensor, LED, PID lamp, flame detector, EO/IR payloads, and optical instruments.

Product Parameters :

MGF2, D38∗1∗5.0 windows

248nm, KRF grade

CAF2, D20∗3


BaF2, D13∗2

FTIR windows

Silicon, D100∗8

DLC/BBAR windows

Silicon D38.1∗5 uncoated

10-5, Ra<0.5A

Silicon 6”∗0.5mm


ZNSE, @10.6UM

ZNS, 50∗50∗3

UVFS, D35∗6

Coated @1064nm


Sapphire, 160∗160

Bk7, D135∗5

GE, 3∗3∗0.5mm

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